"If we don't claim our light we get lost in the dark."


"Pollen," a collection of poems


Published in 2011 by Finishing Line Press, "Pollen" explores impermanence & the moving beauty of everyday moments. 


"These are poems cherishing impermanent beauty; delicate, seductive, they braid hope and youthful sex with heartfelt mourning, Thanatos and Eros brilliantly intertwined. Seldom can one rightly speak of greatness in a poet's first book; rare to know that these shatteringly lovely recognitions will be read and re-read far into the future."

-- Barry Spacks, Poet Laureate 

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Monthly poem on Visitant lit


Visitant Lit publishes a new poem of Tai's on the last Sunday of every month. 

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Parallax, a philosophy blog


Tai's top-ranking philosophy blog explores the architecture of reality, the mysteries of existence and the role of the dreamer in the modern age. 

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"Her Animal Inheritance," a collection of poems


Published in 2017 by Sealskin Press, co-authored with Alissa Hatman & Sara Jackson-Holman, "Her Animal Inheritance" investigates intimacy, emotional memory, wild femininity and how we hold the pain we carry.

“These poems take turns as they speak, question, honor, and validate  each other. These poems listen. In this way, the poets are aware of  their judgements, and they are aware of their losses. It is not easy to  be this vulnerable. Expressions of desire and dreams live and thrive across the deep ravines of grief and regret. And like an altar on the  hearth of a wise woman’s home, these poems hold space for spirit.” 

--Julia Laxar, writer

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